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Expect the Unexpected

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Accidents happen!

Things can happen at any time and if and accident isn’t covered by your insurance it can cost you.  Taking a few minutes to review your policy to understand what you are covered for can save you money and future stress.  It is a good idea to review your entire policy, following are some items to check for:

  1. Flood – Water damage that results from flooding. Included in this is damage by water that seeps through the foundation and sewer backups.
  2. Swimming Pools & Trampolines – Liability associated with swimming pools and trampolines is often not covered.
  3. Earth Movement – Damage from earthquakes, shockwaves, sinkholes, landslides and mudflows.
  4. Power Failure – Damage or losses caused by power outages.
  5. Dog Attacks – Liability associate with certain breeds that are deemed aggressive or have a history of biting.
  6. Mold – Damage due to mold growth , fungus or wet rot unrelated to a covered peril, such as a burst pipe.
  7. Wear & Tear – Damage to antiques and artwork that occur as the result of wear and tear. For example sun damage on a painting hung in direct sunlight.

Some of these items can be covered by adding a special rider or buying an additional policy.  Flood Insurance, Earthquake Insurance and  Personal Umbrella are some examples of additional policies that are available.  If you would like a free policy review please call our office, we are always happy to review your coverage and see if it meets your unique needs.

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