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Top 3 Resources For Any Growing Business

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The Billion Dollar Resource you don’t know you have


Top 3 free resources your insurance agent hasn’t shared with you


Have you ever searched long and hard for something [i.e. the relationship of your dreams, the idea that will change your life… your other shoe] only to realize it was right in front of you the whole time? 


Let us shed some light on the most valuable resources you’ve been searching for, but actually already have.


Insurance companies have money spilling out of their accounts in an effort to prevent money from…well…spilling out of their accounts.  Let me explain.


Insurance companies pay claims when things go wrong.


They make money when things don’t go wrong.


So, what better way to make money than help prevent things from going wrong?


This seems over-simplified but is actually very true with most insurance companies.  You only need to be looking in the right place.  The problem is, your insurance agent is too busy trying so sell policies, that they fail to share the valuable resources their insurance companies are spending millions of dollars to provide for free.


We have compiled our three favorite resources that are simple, free to everyone, and useful in almost every business.  These will make your business run safer, smoother, and more profitably.


1- The Hartford’s Business Owner’s Playbook

Your insurance company wants you to succeed because the better you do, the more insurance premium you pay.  The Hartford has spent millions of dollars compiling best in class advice and training from their clients worldwide into a simple, easy-to-follow process called the Business Owner’s Playbook.  First, you select your business stage: New Business, Growing Business or Mature Business. Then you will be taken to targeted programs that range from social media marketing planning tools to the most important considerations in a merger or acquisition.  And best of all… they’re from reliable sources and they’re FREE to anybody.


2- WCF Safety Resources

WCF is a regional workers comp carrier in the Intermountain West that is expanding quickly due to their FREE safety resources that prove to the public that they truly want workers everywhere to, according to their motto, “BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.”  Their compilation of free safety posters, payroll stuffers, trainings, checklists, etc, has made significant impacts on the safety cultures of their clients.  You never know what accident you prevented, because it never happened. These resources help any business make an impact by making accidents not happen.


3-Travelers Cyber Risk Pressure Test

We live in the information age.  Every business has some fear of hackers, identity theft, viruses, malware, ransomware and other types of scareware that we don’t even know about yet.  The resources available to business owners are complex, expensive, and so numerous that most people have no idea where to even begin.  The Travelers Cyber Pressure Test will take you 5 minutes to complete.  It then takes your answers and systematically crafts a pathway of information and resources designed specifically for your business.  They have invested millions of dollars on this program and the resources behind it.  It is cutting edge cyber-attack prevention and is FREE.


The best hiding place is right where you least expect it, in plain sight.  It’s time you see your insurance agent as the switch that sheds light on these resources and not just the pudgy guy that makes you spend a lot of money for a piece of paper that you throw in a file.  Contact them for resources to anything you need, you’d be surprised how valuable they can be.


Brett Thompson, CIC, CRM

Brett has been an commercial insurance producer for nearly 15 years and has been successful due to his ability to consult his clients to take risks and use insurance industry resources to do it right.  He also founded Agents of Traction, an organization that helps other insurance agents specialize and authentically collaborate with a team other of agents from around the country.

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