Teresa Moore

Lead Account Manager

Teresa Moore is a Commercial Account Manager at Certified Insurance Services since 2005, specializing in a variety of risks including construction, hospitality, habitational, restaurants and other main street business. In 2016, Teresa was nominated and elected to serve as Chairperson for WCF Mutual Insurance Company on the Account Manager Advisory Council. When she is not in front of a computer, you can find her on a hiking trail in Southern Utah honing in on her photography skills. She is currently working on her Genealogy with her family.

How did you get into the insurance industry?

In the late 1980’s, worked for a broker in southern California processing finance agreements and was introduced to an agent who trained me into Personal Lines insurance . And I loved it!

What is your favorite activity to do in Utah?

The dirt roads in Utah are endless! They always lead you to something fascinating.

What is the best thing to do on your day off?

Wait……people get days off?